Lisa Eigbadon – Manchester

I am an activist and Law student who often felt it was increasingly difficult to find a job that I knew had a demand for me as a working class Black woman. If not for my involvement with youth charities at an earlier stage in my life I would not have been able to access most of the opportunities I have had. I wanted to create a space that made searching for a job easier and help other young talent from underrepresented backgrounds explore different career paths in sectors that may seem hard to reach. Grassroots Graduates is my way of increasing the social, cultural and economic capital of young talented people of colour.



Monica Mwanje – Liverpool

The career advice I’ve had over the years has been varied. I’m an engineering graduate who ended up in the nuclear sector by chance. Year after year, I hear organisations talking about ‘hard to reach talent’ or how they wish to make their organisations more diverse but they’re not sure it exists or where to find it. Grassroots Graduates is my way of making a positive contribution to help connect the talent that I know is out there, with career opportunities in nuclear and other sectors. Let’s change the narrative.