Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC)

The Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC) was established in 2005 following extensive consultations with the UK nuclear sector, including industry, regulators, the Ministry of Defence, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, government departments and the Cogent Sector Skills Council. The UK universities and higher education institutions in the Consortium provide flexible postgraduate training for the nuclear sector with the breadth and format of the training designed to meet the UK’s projected nuclear skills requirements in decommissioning and clean-up, reactor technology, fusion and nuclear medicine.

NTEC comprises of seven Universities or Educational Organisations, to offer full time (1 year) and part time (2 or 3 years) Master’s level education in Nuclear Science and Technology.

The consortium members are below, with students registering at either Liverpool, Manchester or Sheffield;

  • University of Birmingham;
  • University of Central Lancashire;
  • University of Leeds;
  • University of Liverpool;
  • University of Manchester;
  • University of Sheffield;
  • Nuclear Department, Navy Command

16 course units are offered in a “short-course” format of one-week, that are relevant to the UK’s operational, decommissioning, and new build nuclear energy programmes, with students selecting eight units for the MSc.  Course units are held at the delivering Educational Institute except for the Nuclear Department course units, these are held at Manchester.  (Travel & accommodation costs for attending course units outside of your registering university are covered by NTEC for students registered as full time).

Nine of the course units are available in an e-Learning format with plans to convert the other 11 units. It is also possible to attend individual course units on a standalone basis for continual professional development.

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